Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ethical Hacking Tools

Ethical Hacking , as you know protecting corporate or users from the unprotected world. Most of the companies hire people to test their product by hacking in to it. Hackers who are good are known as ethical hackers(white hat hackers) and hackers who are bad, i mean who steal credit cards, money, hack passwords for personal and commercial use are know black hat hackers.

So in order to hack we need some of the tools to play around. Here are the listof tools which comes handy for the hackers to use. But i suggest you to use Backtrack Linux or Kali Linux, as linux is most used operating system by hackers.
Lets jump in to handy tools for hackers.

Cain is one of the awesome tool which is used for cracking passwords, networking sniffing, MITM(Man In The Middle Attack) and many more attacks. With the help of this tool we hackers mostly sniff networks and crack simple passwords of windows, MD5 etc.,
If you want some serious action of hacking scene then use this tool. It is real handy tool for hackers. As it is not supported in Linux you must Install It by Wine in Linux.

2. Ettercap:

Ettercap is my favorite tool which is used for network sniffing and man in the middle attacks. With the help of this tool i hacked many networks. When i log in my PC , i do attack entire network and i do sniff many passwords with the help of this tool. I recommend to use this tool of educational purposes. This tool can hack Yahoo, Google , Msn passwords by sniffing in to their networks. 
There is a little disadvantage of this tool, we cannot use this in windows, it only supports linux. Dont forget to use Ettercap for hacking networks, i almost hacked 1,00,000 of my network account.

3. Nmap:

Nmap as you know famous tool for scanning networks , i mainly use nmap for exploiting loop hole , reverse ip, mail servers, FTP's and etc., Nmap is really handy tool for scanning part. Best part of nmap is that it supports windows and linux.

Wireshark is famous tool which is used for Complete Network sniffing, it sniff each and every packet of  the network. Wireshark helps us to detect each and every detail of the packet from where it is getting  from and where it going to. These packets play crucial role in network sniffing.

5. SET:

SET is known as social engineering tool kit, which is used for phishing purposes, this is one of the best app for phishing. In backtrack, SET is built in so there is no need to install it again.


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