Sunday, 26 December 2010

How To Hide IP-Address

How To hide your ip address.

You can hide your ip address simply by different methods.
There are two methods i use to hide ip.
1.Proxy server.
2.Ip Hiding Softwares.

1.Proxy server is used to mask the ip of an user.
This proxy servers are mainly used to hide ip .
As this server is mask the original ip of the user.

2.IP Hiding softwares .
These softwares hide the original ip address and it uses proxy servers and it automatically change proxy servers per time to time..
A you can google these softwares in the internet.

How to make Password Protected Folder

How To make password protected folder
First take a folder which you want to secure.

I protect the folder wp-plugins.
i compress the file.
open the wp -plugins folder then you file will look ike this.

Click on the set default password then the password protected folder is created.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

How to Download Videos from Youtube

There are many ways to download videos from youtube.
The easiest way that i download from Youtube is by using internet download manager(IDM).
This download manager automatically shows an option on the right side of an youtube video..

So you can click on the download this video tab and you can download the video.

Second method is same as this but you must have real player 11 and above,the same tab appears on the right side of the youtube video .

An another method is by using Youtube Downloader.

As download this piece of software known as Youtube Downloader where this software helps you to directly download youtube videos on the internet.

You must just paste the youtube video link and it automatically downloads the youtube videos.

As you can download this software from below link:
Download YouTube Downloader

Saturday, 20 November 2010

How To Use Two Operating Systems Using Vmware Player

I ve got many emails that how to use two os's simultaneously using vmware.
Download Vmware Player over the internet or download vmware by searching in google.
After installing the vmware just open your vmware player.

1. Click on "Create a New Virtual Machine "

2. Click on the "Browse" button and locate the path of operating system iso file.

3. Proceed by clicking on "next" button.

4. As i am installing linux , so i clicked on linux tab and specific version of linux, i.e., Mandriva Linux.
5. Click "Next" for proceeding.

6. Give the Virtual Machine name and proceed to next.

7. Enter the size of guest operating system, i recommend 20 gb. Click on next.

8. Click on finish and the guest os will be installed in Vmware Player.

9. The OS loads in to vmware. The picture represents it.

How To Trace Ip Over The Internet

Hey people after a long and long search by googling i just got a good piece of a software where every body can trace a ip addresses over a internet. The Software is NEO TRACE PROFESSIONAL.
Its easy to download that software over the internet.

1.Type a target domain name or ip-address and click on Go.
2. It scans the entire servers,server location and entire information.

3. It also shows the locations of server located.

Just download it from torrents, to download you must have Bit Torrent Client.