Friday, 21 December 2018

Hacking Whatsapp With Kali Linux

Hacking whatsapp is the major thing these days as every one are on whatsapp and information on whatsapp is crucial for business and personal use. Whatsapp is an app which is used for real time communication between the users by providing unique id (phone number).

List Of Best Google Dorks To Find Juicy info

Its been so long that i havent been posted on my blog.
I am developing so much stuff so i couldn't focus much on my blog, so these days exploiting servers, people and their passwords became relatively too easy. Social engineering became easy with dumb users and for clever ones its quite sort of hard.
Back to post now, i am providing list of dork which will display passwords, admin names, usernames, vulnerable directories etc., list goes as follows.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Find ajax calls fields in your web browser

most of the coders don't know,how the values are updated to database, but when you make an ajax call it will show in your browser.
For example if i do any change which was directed by ajax function then script automatically sends data to database.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tutorial On XSS[Video]

A simple video on Cross site scripting, a website hacking technique which is used for injecting malicious javascript with the help of  browser.

Find Out Name Of Unknown Number

Now a days many prank are going over the mobile. People might be friends, enemies, relatives or anybody.
We dont know who is pranking with us. In this post i will explain to you to find out the name of the person who is pranking with you.

Google Dorks Helps Hackers To Find Passwords In Search engines

Most of the people know that, passwords of the users may be found on Google. Question arises how??
Its simple previously some body might have been hacked the passwords of them.
If you search any email address in Google , then list of sites in which your email address has been registered will be displayed on it.