Sunday, 1 December 2013

Google Dorks Helps Hackers To Find Passwords In Search engines

Most of the people know that, passwords of the users may be found on Google. Question arises how??
Its simple previously some body might have been hacked the passwords of them.
If you search any email address in Google , then list of sites in which your email address has been registered will be displayed on it.

Most of the people like bloggers use this technique for getting mails of the users who are active in internet and do some malicious activity to them by sending phishing or by spamming. Google is too powerful for security researchers to undergo any process of hacking.

Dorks are nothing but queries of Google which help you get information, passwords, data etc., in security point of view. When you query out any dork in Google, you will get list of sites with information, it may be passwords, data,texts, audios and my be videos too.
I dont want to prolong too much about this, so in order to find out passwords here is the list of dorks which help you get passwords online. Simple query it in Google , you will find the passwords.

ext:sql intext:password inurl:sftp-config.json
filetype:config inurl:web.config inurl:ftp

 and the complete list can be found here.


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