Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How I Do Social Engineering

How I Do Social Engineering

Humans non sense is the main thing for hacking lot of websites, even weak passwords also helps users to hack accounts. Due to Social Engineering many accounts are getting hacked. In order to make some sense here is a simple example , i do social engineering.

1. I ll give a call or ping up my friend, who is amateur who don't know about hacking or phishing.
2. Next i will send him a simple link for download or to get cookies, which i made with set(Social Engineering Tool Kit).
3. When a victim clicks the link, his browser cookies are stored on to my terminal.
4. Next thing i do is session hijacking.

This is the simple procedure, i use to hack victims by social engineering.
Above is the simple scenario, when i want to hack anyone which i have physical access to it.

I will explain a scenario , i created a metasploit shell and executable which i stored in my pendrive.
I will make my executable to Fully Undetectable and i will add the file to my friends PC and i will get access to that PC. In this way i will create different scenarios for gaining access by social engineering.

Share your type of social engineering in comments.

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