Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Facebook Hacking is Carried Out By 5 Methods

Facebook Hacking is Carried Out  By 5 Methods
  • Primary email address hack.
  • Social engineering.
  • Reavealing saved Facebook passwords on web-browsers.
  • Phishing : Creating fake Facebook Login page.
  • Keylogging :Installing Keylogger.

Primary email address hack.
If you have an control of  primary email address of an victim then you can get control of victims facebook profile.
You can hack victims facebook password by using forot your password trick, then the email will be sent to primary email address for reseting the facebook password then you can chage the password of victim.

Social engineering.
social engineering is method of retrieving password or answer of security question simply by asking  the victim. You must be careful while using this method as victim must not know your intention. Just ask him cautiously using your logic.

Reavealing saved Facebook passwords on web-browsers.
most of the people know this method.
Chrome: Goto tools-> Options -> Personal Stuff -> Manage saved Passwords
FireFox: Goto tools -> Options -> Security -> Saved Passwords

Phishing : Creating fake Facebook Login page.
Phishing is creating an fake login page, when victim enters the fake login page enter the authentication details then the victims details are being posted to attackers email.
The fake login page looks similar to the original facebook login page.
This is the oldest of grabbing email address and passwords.

Keylogging :Installing Keylogger.

There are two types of keyloggers
1. Hardware keylogger.
2. Software keylogger.

Software keylogger is a program that records each & every keystroke that a user types on his keyboard. Once you install this program on the target computer, it will automatically load from the start-up and start capturing every keystroke typed on that computer including usernames and passwords.

Just like Software Keyloggers Hardware keyloggers also captures keyboard keystrokes but requires Physical access to victims PC. A Hardware keylogger is a small hardware just like USB pen-drive with internal memory. These are available in different  types: PS2,wifi, USB etc.,