Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How To Hide Your Files In Image

How To Hide Your Files In Image.

To hide your files in a image you must know some of commands of an windows command prompt and you must have a winrar. Now, lets begin.

1. Gather all files (which you want to hide) in to an specific folder any where in your pc. ( i recommend C:\Hide)

2. Now compress all files to  .rar extension ( i.e with winrar e.g. security.rar) and the file should also be in the same directory (C:\Hide).

3. Now look for JPEG picture file (e.g. xyz.jpeg). Copy and paste that file also in  Specific folder you created  (i.e., C:\Hide) .

4.  Open Command Prompt (Click Start--> Run --> cmd) and now you go to working directory (i.e C:\Hide ).

5. In your command prompt you type

copy /b xyz.jpeg  + security.rar output.jpeg

Therefore security.rar is hidden in output.jpeg.
Now output .jpeg contains xyz.jpeg and security.rar , if you want to view image( i.e xyz.jpeg) then you can open the output.jpeg in image viewer and if you want to open security.rar then you can open it with winrar archive.


  1. hey a little bit of help here too, i am getting the output image which is comparatively a larger file indicating that files are hidden it; the image comes fine in the image viewer but when i open it with winrar archive it says the file is damaged or of unknown format, can somebody point me the mistake?


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