Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Your PC

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Your PC

Easily recover the permanently deleted files from your pc. You can recover the deleted files which are by passed from recycle bin i.e., you directly delete the files by pressing SHIFT +DEL key.

We can recover the the files which are deleted by pressing shift+del key by using an software called Panda Recovery.

Panda Recovery

As this is an freeware you can download in no time as it is very small size.
After installing the panda recovery you will see the wizard , then you just click on  exit wizard  button.

 Now click on the surface scan button and select the file types you want to recover. 

 Click on the Start disk surface scan then you will get the files which are deleted by bypassing the recyclebin or by shift+del key .


  1. if the file is tooooo large or if u have deleted many files in one directory then it becomes difficult to recover

  2. Devil king@ no it will recover the files evn though directory has many files.

  3. This really helps a lot, but i which of this is the name of the software? Pandora or Panda.. cos ur link is showing Pandora recovery

  4. follow this tutorial

  5. Hi Kodi,

    If there is a movie file deleted from the system long ago (almost 10 months back) and the size of the file is almost 600-700 MB. can it be recovered from this software..??
    Please advice.

    Kind Regards