Friday, 24 May 2013

Social engineering tips

Do you know social engineering is the best method to hack human passwords. Social engineering is easy when you know how to get passwords by hacking humans nature. 
I never found this method as hard. When I tried to social engineer by boss password , it was too easy to gain access to my boss Facebook id. 
I simply sent malicious phishing link to him. He opened the link and got phished easily. 
There are most of morons to hack in the web with this simple social engineering tip. 
In the previous tutorial I explained how to create fake pages ie phishing pages .
You can create any phishing pages with the help of simple tools in backtrack 5.
As you know Set is the tool kit used to create phishing pages .
When it comes to social engineering , you need to have good communication skills. 
Lot off leverages we get by simple human stupidity. 
Simple tips to know to do best social engineering methods are as follows 
1. Make victims to believe that you are true.
2. Transfer malicious links in undoubted way.
3. Run a metasploit in a proper way , Sk that victim does not know our malicious nature.
4. Be creative while sending malicious links . 
5. Send emails in a genuine format.
6. Don't give up until you get password.

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