Friday, 1 March 2013

Useful Commands In Backtrack

Backtrack is a hacking linux, as most of the people do know about it right. So basically backtrack is powerful and useful linux for security researchers. Security researchers always penetrate in to web applications and find vulnerabiltis in an application. In order to use Backtrack Linux these commands will be helpful to you.

1. ls

ls command is for listing all the files.

2. startx

This  command is used to start the backtrack GUI(graphical user interface) to an Linux.

3. logout

This command is use to logout the present session of an user in backtrack.

4. shutdown

Shutdown command is used to shutdown the backtrack linux.

5. msfconsole(Metasploit Framework)

msfconsole command is used to start the metasploit framework, Metasploit is used for penetrating web applications and other applications

6. apt-get install

This command helps Backtrack user to install applications in a linux.

7. apt-get update

This command is used for updating backtrack linux from their repositories.

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