Sunday, 2 September 2012

How To Protect Yourself From Keyloggers

How To Protect Yourself From Keyloggers

Keylogger is nothing but an spyware which send the keystrokes of an victim's keyboard to an hacker.
Hackers use keyloggers to steal passwords ,credit card numbers and any other confidential data which has to be secured. When ever you type username & password on any site, key strokes will be forwarded to an hacker's mail box.

How To Protect From Keylogger?

In order to protect your system from Keylogger, you must have following.

1. Antivirus:
Having Antivirus is the basic step to protect yorself from Keyloggers.
Always buy an licensed Antivirus and dont forget to update the antivirus software. Do not download cracked pack or trail packbecause its just waste of time.

2. Anti Spyware:
Basically keyloggers are spywares and if you are frequent user of Internet, then you are exposed to keyloggers and spywares. To protect your self download good antispyware such as NoAdware.

3. Anti Keyloggers:
Anti Keyloggers are the best method to protect from keyloggers. Anti Keyloggers helps to detect and prevent keyloggers from an system. Best Anti Keylogger is Antilogger

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