Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tool For Scanning Mac Address

Hackers use different tools. Different hackers use different tools so i liked this tool which i use often for mac spoofing.Mac spoofing is an spoofing of an mac address of an different machine around in the internet.

My broadband helps me to make my network to spoof around and it also has multiple vulnerablities. In order to spoof others mac addresses. Download Find mac address. This tool scans the ip address and mac address of each and every machine in your local area network.
Features of This Tool

  1. Getting the MAC address of the local computer.
  2. Getting the MAC address of one remote computer either by its name or IP address.
  3. Getting the MAC addresses of all computers on the network.
  4. Getting the MAC addresses of all computers within the specified range of IP addresses.
  5. Getting the MAC addresses of all computers from the specified computer list.
  6. Five methods for finding MAC addresses (ARP, NetBIOS, NetAPI, WMI, SNMP).
  7. Detecting the manufacturer of the network card by its MAC address.
  8. Detecting the names of network cards (only if WMI or SNMP is used).
  9. Searching the scan results.
  10. Saving the scan results to and loading them from a file in the XML format.
  11. Exporting the network scan results to text files or a Web document.


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