Friday, 3 February 2012

How To Add Defragment To Right Click For A Drive

How To Add Defragment To Right Click For A Drive

Most of the users of windows defragments  Hard Drive for increase in performance of the PC.
So this trick will help you to place defragment to the right click of your Windows Explorer.

1. Click Start -> Run -> Regedit.
2. In Regedit navigate to the following location

3. After navigating to the following location  you must create a new key called runas on the shell by right clicking on it.

4. After creating the new key runas then in a right hand pane you will find Default, change that value to Defragment.
5. In a runas again create a new key called command , after creating the command give the Default value to
defrag %1 -v
6. That's it now you can see defragment on right click when you click on hard drive.

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  1. Putting “Defragment” on right click menu in Windows will definitely make the process a little easier, since it should be constantly performed. Thanks for the instructions. You mentioned that users defrag their hard drive for an increase performance of the PC. That is right. Another benefit is, defragging makes data retrieval easier with its data optimization function.

    Clinton Dummer